Planting system

Hollow planting spade

LIECO Hohlspaten

Tools for preparing the planting site (removing the raw humus layer) as well as tools for cutting the planting hole. This special spade treats your back and your joints with care. It is acknowledged with care.

Euro 98,-- per pc. (+VAT)

Special offer:
A set of a hollow planting spade and a hand barrow for Euro 141,-- (+VAT)

Hollow planting spade - "E"


This ergonomically designed spade is 15 cm longer than the standard spade and ideal for flat planting sites.

Euro 98,-- per pc. (+VAT)

Hand barrow

Solid hand barrow for carrying two container trays.

Euro 59,-- per pc. (+VAT)

Back barrow

Back barrow for carrying up to 7 container trays, upholstered shoulder straps and upholstered back panel – backpack system.

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